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est. 1994

Green Oasis Services offers a full line of weed control, fertilization, vegetation control, aeration and tree and shrub fertilization to Commercial and Industrial sectors.

Proudly serving Alberta since 1994, Green Oasis Services is locally owned and is recognized as a leader in service, equipment, safety and technology.

Our team and fleet has grown to over 25+ service units today at our Edmonton operation guaranteeing to provide our clients with quality service, flexibility and attention to detail.

Through our ongoing commitment to employee training, product research, equipment innovation and safety stewardship we will ensure your property receives the right applications at the right time.



Green Oasis Services specializes in providing service to the Commercial and Industrial sectors. Our service clients range from maintenance contractors, property managers and owners, realtors, municipalities and developers on our Commercial side to oil and gas companies, utilities, industrial plants sites, pipeline ROW, highway and reclamation contractors on the Industrial side.

Our Commercial and Industrial teams will work with you to develop the correct application products and methods which best suit your site and the control requirements. As a partner on your site, we use integrated pest management principles to provide a safe and cost effective program for your site portfolio today and for the future.

We take pride in our clean, modern and serviced fleet which ranges from ¾ ton pickups, boom spray units, 1 ton 4x4’s, large nurse trucks, off road UTVs and tractors ensuring that we have the proper working equipment to do the job right. Our broad base of experience and technical knowledge allows us to respond quickly to facilitate the safest application and provide effective vegetation management plans. Our clients will attest to our professionalism, ingenuity, service results and commitment to completing the job properly and safely. For more information on our services, products and safety stewardship - view our Commercial Services Faq's or Industrial Services Faq's.

Commercial Services

  • Weed Control
  • Lawn Fertilization Programs
  • Vegetation Control
  • Tree/Shrub Fertilization
  • Aeration
  • Insect/Disease Management
  • Free Estimates
  • Consultation Program Planning

Commercial Sectors

  • Property Management Companies
  • Maintenance Contractors
  • Municipalities
  • Realtors and Land Developers
  • Individual Commercial Properties
  • Condominium Projects
  • Rentals Homes and Apartments
  • Parks and Green Spaces

Commercial Principles

  • Licensed and Trained Professionals
  • Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Workmen's Compensation Protection
  • Treatment Pre-Notification as Required
  • Simple and Clear Invoicing
  • Post Treatment Signage on All Sites
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed on All Treatments
  • Contractor Referrals for Additional Services

Industrial Services

  • Selective Weed Control
  • Non Selective Vegetation Control
  • Bareground Vegetation Control
  • Aquatic Vegetation Control
  • Fertilization Programs
  • Tree/Shrub Fertilization
  • Vegetation Management Planning
  • Consultation Program Planning

Industrial Sectors

  • Oil Industry
  • Gas Industry
  • Utility Companies
  • Industrial Plants
  • Highway Maintenance Contractors
  • Municipalities
  • Leases, Substations and Plant Sites
  • Rights of Way and Roadside Work

Industrial Principles

  • Licensed and Trained Professionals
  • Industrial Safety Certifications
  • Toolbox Meetings, Onsite FLRA’s
  • Clear and Concise Treatment Records
  • Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Workmen's Compensation Protection
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed on All Treatments
  • Contractor Referrals for Additional Services

Committed Safety Standards

Through our commitment to providing a safe work environment, Green Oasis Services is an ISNetworld certified service provider and we have achieved our Certificate of Recognition (COR) as a member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association. We are also active members in the Health and Safety programs with Complyworks and Avetta.

The Green Oasis Services team will work with you to choose the right control products and application methods that best suit your worksite and environmental considerations. A safe and healthy environment is regarded as utmost importance for you, your employees, contractors, subcontractors, clients and our workforce personnel.

Through this process we will communicate to our staff any onsite hazards and identify corrective action plans. The supervisors will investigate all incident/accidents/near misses and provide required on-the-job training to new employees to ensure they are competent. Appropriate personal protective equipment is supplied and used by employees and we ensure the equipment is maintained to meet legislated safety standards.

As part of our COR and Health and Safety program, our management, supervisory and onsite staff will identify all of the safety needs for your site which may include:

  • Site Specific Safety Certification
  • H2S / First Aid / TDG / WHIMIS Training
  • Tailgate Meetings

  • Application Technology
  • Field Level Hazard Assessments
  • Pre-Hire Alcohol and Drug Testing

  • Emergency Pre-Planning and Response
  • Work Permits and Related Job Procedures
  • Environmental Stewardship

Find Your Green

Interested in a career or seasonal position in the green industry? Green Oasis Services is an industry leader in service, quality, safety and results. We have openings available for various positions in our Edmonton location.

To keep it simple, if you're awesome we want you. If you're not, apply down the the road.

Please view what you must provide, what we provide and the job positions available below. Email your resume to us with some information about you that really tells us who you are and why we should hire you.

What You Provide

  • Positive Attitude and Will To Learn
  • Arise Early and At Work On Time
  • Flexible To Work Around Weather Changes
  • Clean Driving Record
  • Caring Attitude To Clients and Equipment
  • Commitment to Safety and Our Culture

What We Provide

  • Training, Safe Environment and Regular Follow-up
  • All PPE Required To Work Here
  • Clean, Modern, Serviced Trucks and Equipment
  • Varied Work Teams and Crew Partners
  • Out of Town Per Diem and All Costs Covered
  • Raises Based On Seniority, Merit and Responsibility
  • Guaranteed Seasonal Bonuses Paid Out
  • Staff BBQ, Year End Social

Job Positions


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